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About gold business in Africa, Africa, Africa! Yes Africa is my continent, and I am proud to be African.

Together we can build a peace, love and peaceful Africa where many people can invest without worrying about the scam.

About gold business , What is the scam?

Offence which is to appropriate the property of others by using fraudulent means. The scam is the result of a deliberate and organized to deceive will. It covers a number of questionable practices abusive, of gravity more or less large, are intended to seize the property of others. It is not only based on the weakness or ignorance of victims (buyer, broker…).

About gold business , How to recognize a scam?

In General, the scam is characterized by the provision of a product or service not in line with the expectation of the consumer, according to a certain strategy and in execution of a commitment obtained by artifice, lie, or even cunning. We can among other things set out the following characteristics:

  • Totally cheaper price/quality ratio.
  • Lack of the promised advantage.
  • absence of any consideration.

About gold business, How to avoid scams?

about gold business
about gold business

In the scam, prevention is Queen. Indeed, when you fall into the trap, it is very difficult to get out. Here are some useful tips, even if they are sometimes a bit laborious to implement.

  • Think twice before you sign anything, especially if you have a doubt.
  • Always compare the products and services offered.
  • Before paying, check that what you get is what you ordered.
  • Never send money to a seller (that you have experienced on the internet.
  • Avoid brokers chains that say that they seller left and right.
  • Start your business little by little.
  • For the gold, start buying a gram of gold, then 1 kg so now.
  • The most important learn to know the reality in your business, do you train by those who actually have experience.
  • Do not rely on the information on Facebook or others to buy gold.

Today the scam has ruined the lives of many innocent people. Often scam victims are scammed because of their misconception that they have on Africa and on gold, perhaps of another African told them of fake stories.

The main purpose of my article is that of precious metals, mainly gold.

Many buyers, brokers have false information on gold. Despite the fact that many victims of the scam are often warned in advance, that does not prevent them from getting ripped off because they want to become rich.

Africa is rich but the majority of Africans are poor despite all the wealth that God has given us. Many of my brothers and sisters are running behind unattainable dreams, but they don’t realize their mistake.

Our success depends on us – even, not someone else. Many often think it’s them the lucky ones in the business when it is based too much on luck we’re going to be scammed. Success is not a matter of luck but more soon of our determination and our daily efforts to succeed.

To succeed in the business sector, you need first to get to know the reality of the business to acquire experience and skill over time. Nothing is free, nobody would serve you the wealth on board.


About gold business, how to recognize a scam? How to avoid scams? Today the scam has ruined the lives of many innocent people. Often scam victims are scammed because of their misconception that they have on Africa and on gold, perhaps of another African told them of fake stories.

To start, I want to clarify that the scam is everywhere in the world and that don’t answer to the origin of the person. In life the good and evil exists, there is our Creator God and the devil, but many chose to follow the path of the devil to become rich.

Live with the consequences of our bad choices, let’s not put all bad choice on others. It must be that your bad choices you learn to make good choices in the future.

In short! This is to say that we have the choice to choose who wants to be. Few people choose to be honest and to be dishonest majority enjoy his neighbor and the hurt.

Many buyers, brokers can avoid getting scammed, but because of their lack of experience and the way in which they want to get rich quickly that pushes them to get ripped off easily. And worst of all it is their lies, a buyer who has never bought a gram of gold, say they bought 100kg or 500kgs + at this price, they know the price of gold in the village but all that it is an opportunity they give to scammers co Ms., which means that the buyer is lying to get cheaper and the Hustler lying to rip off the buyer.

Free advice I can give you, with my skills and experience: Free advice I can give you, with my skills and experience:

  • Stop lying to those with whom you talk, because if you talk with an honest person and you lie to him, he won’t tell us if he wants to and leave you in your ignorance because your lies to prove that you are not too honest.
  • Invest to learn, visit miners as a tourist, the local buyers in the country, Africans, etc…
  • Avoid looking for ease and do not seek to avoid the normal regulations in cases, where you have to pay $10 do not have preferential.
  • Avoid all that is too attractive, everyone loves money and everyone wants to earn more so you have questions when you have very attractive offers.
  • Work with professionals who have a lot of experience.

If there are too many scam today, because the buyer, broker and fake sellers are all guilty, especially brokers who want to bring their buyer to buy ripped off because of their commission, but once that buyer scammed it, the broker will get out of it, but it’s because of him that the buyer scammed. They negotiate big Commission with the fake sellers makes what they in courage their buyers getting scammed.

To begin the business of gold, you must learn first to know how it works, where traders are buying, and how they sell. Brokers want to earn millions for a commission without investing $1 if it’s easy to get rich as nobody will not work or invest so that you do you make a commission.

I work as a Consultant and Coaching to help buyers, brokers, mining, and investors to avoid getting ripped off. I have a lot of projects on which I am working so that people learn to know the reality of the sector and marketing of precious metals. I’ve created a YouTube channel and Facebook page to share realities on gold and other metals in Africa.



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