Africa is not a poor continent, people must stop thinking that Africa is a poor continent. Africa is a really rich continent, the great opportunities are in Africa, the African youth must become aware of this and get to work. Don’t wait until you have big financing before you start investing. Start working according to your abilities before God gives you a good partner.

In business relationships, three things are important to me: honesty, trust and respect, but when these three things cannot go together it may not work between you and your partners.

gold Africa scoops anago

IN 2020 I invite you all to create something that will allow you to generate income and little by little you will be great entrepreneurs. Work to earn commission in the gold business it is a waste of time, I tell you this as a brother, stop wasting your time, there is a business you can do on the internet and earn money without wasting your time.

In business, there are three categories of people:

Those who are smart who use their failures, the problems they encountered to succeed. (The honest)

Those who continue to make the same mistakes without holding back any lessons, often think they are right all the time and expect miracles or luck to succeed. (The Ignorant)

Those who take pleasure in harming others (scammed, cheated or lying), they know what they are doing. (The dishonest)

I used to see a lot of people who want to come in as a millionaire without investing, success is for people who know how to recognize when they make mistakes and correct it so that it does not happen to them a second time.

Honestly, we have to tell ourselves the truth when we want things to change in the mining sector and the metals trade in Africa.

People tell me William I have been in the gold business for over 20 years and I have not been able to find a single real seller from Africa, the number of years you have been doing on the internet looking for real sellers doesn’t make you someone with experience, but someone who has lost 20 years of their life unnecessarily. Each time, people just fill up on Africa but we try to help you so that you understand the reality, it doesn’t interest you, that’s how you are going to get cheaper gold in Africa because it is the African who does not know the value of gold.

People have to come and train to learn how we do the business of gold in Africa instead of taking your time to hate Africans, there are many people with white skin who scam buyers into Africa and other continents.

The biggest problem of these buyers or brokers is the internet, which they just copy and paste from all those who post I am buyers or I am sellers, learn to distinguish between those who tell you the truth and those who lie to you

Why do I advise buyers or investors of gold to invest before having gold?

My goal is to improve the working and living conditions of the gold panners and also allows buyers or investor partners to have gold without being scammed. By investing, have created jobs to allow those in need of work.

Today when we talk about Africa, many people think directly of the scam without forgetting that this phenomenon exists everywhere in the world.

Why invest before having gold?

– The rate of gold production in Africa is not enough the demand of buyers
– All gold sellers or artisanal gold miners have no problem before selling their gold in Africa.
– There are many buyers in Africa who buy every day and we sell gold to those who are ready to buy the most expensive.

Why are some buyers getting ripped off in Africa?
– They think they know the reality of the gold business in Africa but in reality they know nothing.
– They are looking for cheaper gold in large quantities but no real seller can store their gold to wait for a buyer.
– Many of them lie as they breathe, they like to say that they have already bought gold in Africa at such price but in reality they never bought 1 gram. Their lie allows scammers to scam them because both are professional liars.

Ps: A real buyer or seller with experience can recognize a fake seller or buyer in a few seconds when he talks with him.


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