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Brokerage in the gold business, everyone wants to make money on the Internet, but many cannot make money. They waste years looking for who will sell or buy gold. I am writing this article to help people who want to learn so that they can avoid wasting time on dreams that will not be 99% impossible. If I write these kinds of articles it is because it touches me a lot that I see people who rush into the wall their heads lower without thinking.

Read this article carefully because it will help you if you decide to succeed by stopping dreams that may never come true. What are these dreams? Cheaper gold, a seller who will entrust them with gold to sell so that he can earn a commission or one day someone will trust them to send them gold and other bullshit.

Before going into the details of my article, I want to tell you that I have been there too.

Since my childhood, I work online to earn money by performing different services. It was more than 15 years ago that I started the gold business as a broker, of which I lost about 1 year to 2 years looking for buyers and sellers of gold on the internet like many brokers.

The reality is that on the Internet, there is everything and anything because 90% of the people we talk to, we don’t know them, whether they are real or not, honest or dishonest, rich or poor … When I worked as an amateur broker on the Internet from my home country, my goal was to become a billionaire overnight, because like many people, when we talk about gold, it is wealth sure, but alas the reality is different.

When I worked as an amateur broker on the Internet from my country of origin, my goal was to become a billionaire overnight because like many people, when we talk about gold it is wealth ensuring but alas the reality is different.

Currently, I am President of a gold mining cooperative and Technical Director of an exploration company, consultant and business coach to help those who want to learn to succeed in their business and projects in Africa.

Gold brokers

Why do many brokers fail to find a real seller or buyer to make real deals to earn commission in brokerage in the gold business?

Brokerage in the gold business, It is very difficult for a gold business broker to succeed in a transaction to earn a commission, why?

– the broker must be able to find a real seller or buyer which is very difficult, 95 to 99% of offers on the Internet are fake and 98% of people who say they are buyers are all brokers.

– The price of gold means that many people who have never bought gold cannot buy because on the Internet many people want to buy gold to get rich, but cheaper gold does not exist in Africa.

– Brokers want to earn big commissions, but a real seller does not need help before selling their gold.

– Especially brokers who copy/paste when someone posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or other networks, they start sharing the post without trying to find out if the person who posted that he wants to sell or buy is a scammer, broker, joker or not.

The 1 to 5% of brokers who can complete a transaction are people who have already bought small quantities of gold or who owns a mining concession, someone who knows the reality in this area.

Many people write to me every day saying they want to buy gold or they have buyers, but I don’t waste my time with these people. The gold business is not easy if you do not have experience but people think they have experience on the Internet behind their smartphone or computer.

Being 5 or 40 years in the gold business as a broker does not mean that you have adequate experience to complete a gold transaction. People shouldn’t be confused by stupidity and having experience, because someone who has real experience in the gold business can buy gold everywhere without getting ripped off.

The gold business is not like other businesses, the gold business is only and to get there you have to have experience on the ground, have wisdom and be smart otherwise it is a total failure.

Those who touch me a lot are my African brothers and sisters who are supposed to know the reality to help those who are not African, but 95% of them prefer to stay on the Internet to search for who will bring gold to their buyers so they can earn a commission.

Honestly, it’s too stupid to think that someone is going to invest their money in mining to entrust their gold to a broker or to look for the buyer. My brothers and sisters must stop wasting their time on Facebook to find the seller.

Africa needs an intelligent and hardworking youth.

My advice to all these brokers looking to earn commission!

My Dear Friends, brothers and sisters, skin color does not make a difference to me. Many of you complain every day that you cannot find a real salesperson to earn commission. Listen, not everyone can do the gold business so stop wasting your time looking for easy gain. What you ignore about the gold business carries a lot of risk and to get there it is not overnight that you will get rich.

Brokerage in the gold business it’s not easy to make money .

I am asking you these questions so that you can answer yourself.

– How long have you been working as a broker in the gold business?

– How many commissions have you been able to have?

– How many real sellers or buyers have you been able to have?

– How do you know that your buyers or sellers are real?

The gold affair is the affair of the rich when you don’t have the money to buy it yourself is a waste of time before you age in poverty start looking for other work that can make you money. Even these buyers that you find on the Internet, among them, there are a lot of dishonest people and when you put them in contact with a seller, they will leave you to negotiate behind you and it is after they are scammed that ‘They will say that it was you who put them in contact with the scammer so please think a little.

To work as a broker to earn money in gold:

Do you want to do brokerage services to make money ?

– If you are African, there, it is easier for you, go to the villages where the gold washers work to ask them how they work.

– Go to local buyers, gold buying desks and mining companies to learn.

– Start buying small quantities yourself to resell in the city, which will allow you to better understand how it happens.

Invest to learn, because knowledge is priceless and know that there is no question of having the chance to find a real seller who will entrust you with his gold.

– Those who are not African, stop thinking that you know everything about Africa.

Come to Africa as a tourist to visit gold panning sites, meet local buyers to learn. – The most important thing is to invest in getting trained on how to buy or sell gold in Africa otherwise you will continue to be ripped off.

Many brokers are the ones who encourage scammers to find victims because of their commission they don’t care if their buyers are scammed or not. A broker can post today on Facebook or other that he has a serious seller and tomorrow the same broker will post that he needs a serious seller. Before confirming a seller or buyer is serious, take the time to know the person. A broker can post today on Facebook or other that he has a serious seller and tomorrow the same broker will post that he needs a serious seller.

You cannot get rich without investing, there is no miracle or chance for someone to give you gold to sell.


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