Scam and fraud in the gold and precious metals business, many buyers or brokers do not seek to know the reality on the gold business before embarking on the gold business.

Many think of coming to Africa to buy cheaper gold and get rich “you don’t buy gold to get rich but you buy gold because you are rich” Gold and more than gold silver for centuries, Gold is almost as old as the Earth itself. Its rarity, its brilliance, its durability have made it the most prestigious precious metal. You cannot have gold in your hand and sell it for cheaper.

Selling cheaper gold is like giving a $ 100 note to take a $ 50 note, it doesn’t make sense, and people have to stop thinking that they’re going to have cheaper gold without investing or earn a big commission, stop wasting your time.

Many people can avoid being scammed but since they think they are getting rich or richer by coming to Africa to buy cheaper gold, they get scammed for convenience and they take Africans as people who don’t know the value of gold. Many young African people try to work with dignity to earn money to feed their families but many people want to take advantage of the suffering of others to get rich.

Scam and fraud in the gold and precious metals business, it is very difficult for an honest, intelligent person to be scammed. Yes, but many people do not like being told the truth because they are not being honest themselves. When you put yourself in other people’s shoes and ask good questions, it’s hard to get ripped off.

I don’t know-how in 2020, people continue to be stupidly scammed when we ask these kinds of people to think about investing in mining, they answer that they don’t want to take the risk of investing in mines but what they are the ones who wait for the others to take the risks to come and sell them for less. Many buyers voluntarily choose to be scammed.

My name is William Anago, if someone disagrees, he can comment to give these reasons and I can answer him to show him my reasons.

You can do gold business in Africa without getting scammed but it will depend on everyone, buyers, brokers, and investors. When people keep on looking to get rich without working, investing, or believing they are lucky they will find someone stupid who will sell them cheaper gold or entrust them with gold for sale to earn a commission, the scammers continue to scam them but please leave the name of Africa alone. Africa is not the cause of all your problems.

Why are so many people getting scammed in the gold business?

There are many reasons for this which leads many buyers to get ripped off easily, I will list a few;

– The search for cheaper gold in Africa

– The search for gold in large quantities

– Lack of experience and discernment between what can be real or false.

– The search for easy gain (seeking to gain a lot of profit or commission without investing)

– Believes to be the luckiest

– Refusal to accept the reality of things opposite.

– Bad vision on Africa (many buyers think that in Africa we collect gold for free).

– Brokers masquerading as buyers

– Those who have never bought gold who pretend that they have already bought gold in Africa (lie).

Today, many buyers prefer to take the risk of being scammed instead of investing in something that may take time but which will bring them long-term profit.

The biggest problem is that many buyers do not like to listen to the truth, people prefer to focus only on the benefits that will only win the risks.

Every day people write to me, asking me to help them because they have been scammed but what hurts me are as dishonest people as those who scam them. People do not want to invest to learn or pay an expert who can guide them so that they can avoid being scammed.

Many buyers, investors or brokers blame Africa for everything that happens to them, but the problem is not Africa where a country is the cause of the scam but rather a group of dishonest people who seek all to take advantage of others to enrich themselves than to work honestly and abide by the rules for doing business. There are a lot of scammers who are not Africans who scam buyers in Africa and these scammers are the biggest foreign scammers because for them, it’s easier than white-skinned or other people who are not no black skin make them more confident.

I know a lot in this area so avoid accusing everyone of it for nothing.

Especially brokers who cause a lot of disorder in the gold business, they do not try to find out if their sellers are real before they start advertising for them, what interests them is their commission (big commission ) without any experience, I do not know how someone who did not take out a $ 1 to invest waits until he is paid $ 1000 per kg of gold and there are some who ask for more than that.

And also brokers who waste their time looking for sellers for buyers who cannot buy 1 kg or 500 grams of gold (brokers who seek sellers for brokers) lol.

Many buyers or brokers find themselves trapped in their own lies, they like to lie to try to convince people that they have already bought gold in Africa at a cheaper price but what they forget, a real seller or an expert in the gold business is when a buyer, seller or broker lies to them. When people want to work with honest people, they have to be honest too. It’s not a shame to say I’m new and I don’t have experience in the gold business yet. It is difficult to help a person who looks you in the eye and tells you bullshit, it is insulting the intelligence of the other.

You don’t have to lie to try to convince a seller to sell you cheaper gold or bring gold to your country. Everyone who seeks to work with honest people must be honest themselves. Many people only complain every day and who ask for my help but among them there are some who are real liars than those who scammed them, many people love free and easy too much, they like to take advantage of honest people to get rich.

There are some buyers who are too stupid even when they are warned that their seller is a scammer, they take the risks and get scammed because they analyze the profits they will make by concluding the deal so they choose to take risks but they are unable to pay the consultant fees or the service of an expert to help them.

I have met many who ask me to help them without worrying that I also work to earn money, yes it is good to help people who need help and also it is important that people understand that you have to pay people who work to earn an honest living. We are in a world in which many people want to tread on others to get rich. People have to face the consequences of their actions when they make choices that lead them to be scammed.

To criticize a continent or a country because of its bad choice is cowardice. Assuming the consequences of these acts allows us to avoid repeating the same mistakes and when people always think they are right, it is difficult to correct themselves so that the same thing happens to us in the past.

Many people tell me that they have 20 to 30 years of experience or more but they are unable to recognize a false offer of gold and do not even know how to buy gold without being scammed. Having experience in an industry is not the number of years that is important but rather the ability to solve problems in this sector which can allow you to succeed where those who do not have experience failed.

If it takes time to write articles to post on social networks and others it is so that you open your eyes a little and use your brains so that you avoid being scammed. I write these articles because as an African I am fed up with people criticizing Africans at all times for their poor choice. All over the world, there are dishonest and honest people and everything that happens to us good or bad is the result of our choices.

Many buyers buy gold in Africa without getting ripped off, why are you the one getting ripped off all the time? You have to look for the problem on your side, a real buyer knows how to buy gold and knows the price of gold. My name is William Anago President of a gold panners cooperative, Entrepreneur, Technical director of an exploration project, consultant and Gold business coach, before becoming who I am today I was also a broker and as an African, I know the reality in this area because it is my job every day. You are free to comment and give your opinions on the subjects.

Together we can bring about change in this sector of activity in which there are too many scams. Let’s create a business world without scams.


– Create your own company to have a license to export gold or precious metals in Africa to export yourself.

– Buy directly with the gold washers yourself – Invest in mining equipment to sign a contract with the gold washers to get gold regularly.

– Take a license from a small mine to do the mining yourself – Brokers, try to travel to meet local gold panners and buyers to learn so that you can help your buyers avoid getting scammed.

– Brokers, start buying small amounts of gold to sell to your buyers yourself to find out how it goes and then tell me if you can pay $ 1000 commission for a broker.

You have the choice to keep dreaming, until one day a scammer will scam you and the little money you have, he will take you where you decide to invest to get gold or invest in another activity of which you will be able to gain more profit than gold. The gold case, there is no luck, you know this sector very well or you do not know and you pretend until you are scammed to finally understand that you were not cheating. Life is short, seek to work with dignity to earn money and stop wasting your time earning money without experience and without investing.

The aim of our SCOOPS ANAGO cooperative is to bring about a change of sector, improve the working conditions of artisanal gold miners, help those who want to get to know the reality, and how they can avoid being scammed. When you have experience you can smell a fake seller from a distance.

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