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Gold Business and Mining in West Africa.
We Improve this sector in Africa.

About us SCOOPS-ANAGO we are a simplified company of young gold miners who works in artisanal mining , buying and selling of gold in Mali and other countries in Africa.

– Fosters the establishment, consolidation and development of bonds of brotherhood, friendship, solidarity and collaboration between its members;

– Contribute effectively to the development of these gold washers by organizing the flow circuit for their production;

– Facilitate the access of its members to resources and equipment necessary for the development of their activities;

– Design and execute for the benefit of its members any profitable project in their field of activity; more generally, carry out all operations relating directly or indirectly to the corporate object or to any similar or related object.

We believe in honesty & trust.

We work with honesty and trust. Our regulation is to provide gold to our partners whom they have trusted to invest in mining or the capital to purchase gold on gold mining sites. All new partners who wish to work must invest otherwise it is not possible to buy with our Cooperative. We do not only work to earn money, we work to provide solutions to gold miners and to satisfy our partners.


our vision & mission

Our goal is to make the mining sector and the metal trade, more specifically formal artisanal mining. Contribute to the development of villages and improve the difficult working conditions of artisanal gold miners.

Equip gold panners by providing them with adequate mining equipment.

Facilitates the purchase of gold from buyers and partners, helping them not to be scammed, so we offer our partners to invest in mining equipment and in exchange, we will sell them gold at a price which will allow them to make considerable profit. This will allow gold panners to work better and limit the risk of accidents due to lack of adequate equipment.

Our projects will also allow investors or buyers to buy gold at a lower cost, organize the sector and increase its contribution to the development of the country, through:

– solving the problem of the lack of adequate equipment;

– Contribute to the development of villages;

– The creation of jobs for young rural and non-rural;

– preservation of the environment (control of the use of prohibited products, closing of holes, reforestation of restored sites);

– Avoid scams in the purchase of gold because a lot of buyers lose a lot of money by trying to acquire cheap gold, which is very difficult to find cheaper gold without investing in gold mining.

Artisanal mining site

our conditions

Conditions and terms for working with SCOOPS ANAGO:

– All partners or buyers interested in working with our cooperative must come to come and focus face to face or invite the President of the cooperative in his country to discuss face to face.
– All partners or buyers must invest first before they have delivered I gram of gold.
– All partners or buyers can invest the mining equipment or deposit the money on the cooperative’s account to collect gold for them to deliver.
– They can buy the equipment themselves to bring to Mali without giving us money.

PS: We do not sell gold to a buyer who is not a partner with our cooperative. Our consultancies and coaching services are available to everyone. We only work with direct buyers or investors who are ready to invest. We do not keep gold in stock. Without investing it is not possible to work with our cooperative.

About Us

ABOUT US 2SCOOPS-ANAGO  are a Gold Miners Cooperative Company who works in artisanal mining , buying and selling of gold in Mali and other countries in Africa. We work with only partners investors .