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Who can become a partner of SCOOPS ANAGO ? All serious partnership relation must based on trust . We work with those who trust us and in who we can trust.



 Without the investment no project can be successful, before producing gold, diamond or other … it is obvious to invest. Our partners have the possibility of several forms of investment – investors can invest in exploration, in big mining and drilling machines or money to buy more gold directly with other miners. Become a partner of SCOOPS ANAGO



Become a partner , without trust it is difficult to collaborate together and in the long term. We are available to collaborate in other interesting projects with companies that need our services such as refineries, exploration companies and banks.

Industrial grow everyday thanks to the confidence of our Partners & investors

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SCOOPS ANAGO is a cooperative of gold miners who practice in the artisanal mining  and small scale mining, purchase and sale of gold in Mali, we are expanding our activity in countries in West Africa. If you are ready to to invest become a partner of SCOOPS ANAGO

Who can become a partner ?

We work with serious and honest partners that they want to invest in or need services that are not free. Any new partner who would like to work with us must come to meet us face to face or invite the president of our cooperative to discuss face to face. Welcome to become a partner . 


Scammer , Broker, Joker can abstain. We don’t need any help before we sell the gold so don’t waste your time telling us you have a buyer or sending you CIF gold. 

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Featured Projects

Our projects are based in the mining and metals sector, from production to processing in Africa.

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Strategic Alliances

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We are open to all companies that would like to work with us such as mining and drilling companies and companies that supply mining and drilling equipment for a win-win partnership.

Our President

William Anago

Africa is a very rich continent which holds a lot of natural resources. Investing in gold mining is the safest way to get gold without getting ripped off by scammers.  As President I am open to working with any person and company who have the same goals as us. We only work with serious, honest and ready to invest partners.

President of SCOOPS ANAGO