experience to be trusted

consulting & Coaching

We offer Consulting services for mining projects , due diligence of gold transactions and Coaching for those who wish to learn the reality of the reality of gold transactions.

features and benefits

What makes us standout


We advise on gold deals in Africa

we advise and do due diligence on gold transactions to help investors and buyers avoid getting ripped off.


Experienced project manager

We use our experiences in the field to help investors and owners of mining projects


Best coaching

We help those who want to get to know the reality of trading gold in Africa.

Skilled & Experienced

metal & mining

Being passionate about our mining resources and especially gold, we are open to partner investors. We are also available for owners of mining projects who need a team of experts to support them in order for their projects to be a success.

metals & mining

Our Work Process

Our working procedure consists of obtaining excellent results and the satisfaction of our customers and partners is our priority.


Business meeting

It is important to meet our clients such as investors or project owners who need our services to discuss in order to establish the road maps to be followed in order to successfully carry out a project.


Strategies and Processing

We analyze the necessary needs resources and the risks before starting a project.Our experiences allow us to avoid unnecessary risks 


Launch Project

As soon as we launch a project, we respect the deadline and the procedures put in place to meet the deadline for the completion of the project.


greatest asset

our people and community

As a Gold mnining Cooperative we retain our culture with value placed on people, relationships and communities which are at the heart of how we do business.With a team of multidisciplinary and dynamic people our workforce …

Hello, we are the future for mining in Africa , We oprate in Artisanal & Small Scale Mining and mining exploration SCOOPS ANAGO & ANAGO GROUP .