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– Anyone who would like to work with us “SCOOPS ANAGO” should come and meet us to discuss face to face or invite our President to his country for a meeting without bringing gold to discuss business.
– We do not send or bring any gram of gold to a buyer to convince him to come and work with us.
– We only work with those who can invest in mining equipment and those who can finance the purchase of gold at the various gold mining sites in Mali and other countries in West Africa.
– The buyer or partner is free to buy the equipment himself to bring to Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea or Sierra Leone and we will sign the contract to deliver gold or diamonds to him in a regular.

Why do we want to work only with investor partners?

– In all the gold-producing countries in Africa, it is the money that awaits the gold, there is no gold to ask where to sell. Except on the internet people think you can have gold and look for gold before you sell it.
– We have no problem selling gold in Africa because there are a lot of local buyers who buy gold every day in cash.
– The equipment allows us to equip gold mining sites so that our gold miners can work easily without waiting for another miner to finish using the jackhammer or crusher….
– This allows us to increase the amount of gold production per day.
– We buy gold every day to increase the quantity produced by our gold miners in order to satisfy our partners.


– Our partners will be vaccinated against lazy scammers in Africa and no one will be able to scam them as long as they work with us and take our advice.
– With us, you can be sure of our 100% honesty and our commitment.
– Have gold without getting tired because we will take care of everything so that you get gold at the end of the month as indicated in the signed contract.


The size of the investment is minimum $ 10,000 to $500 000 or more.

$10 000
$50 000
$100 000
$300 000
$500 000
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